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  9.25.0 May 29, 2019投函保監正視公眾及保險業內人士投訴檢舉高盧人安盛惡行,無日無之 -- 行使公權力及盡公民義務打擊違法犯罪份子(包庇高盧人安盛及保險業界),人人有責。



Dear Madam, 

Our emailing message of May 29, 2019 refers. 

The Gauls AXA is undoubtedly a wrecking ball to the Hong Kong Insurance Industry. If you two organizations are not going to crack the whip loud and clear and as soon as possible,the Industry will soon be dying, the Public are sure. 

Meanwhile, sitting at the edge of the chair, we are still awaiting to receive an acknowledgement from you as mentioned in the pen-ultimate paragraph of our last letter.  My Kindest Regards, 

Frank Lee

date: May 29, 2019, 4:39 PM

to:, complaints, Public Complaint, IARB Secretariat

subject: 關於:典型邪惡保險公司高盧人安盛


 Ã¢Â€Âœclick below link”的图片搜索结果


 鼓勵公眾檢舉高盧人安盛違規違法或詐騙犯罪無良代理,每則薄酬一百港元,無須先行查証,即付;成功在保監保聯警方海關等立案調查者,每宗個案二千元。保密,決不食言 P.   





鼓勵公眾檢舉高盧人安盛違規違法或詐騙犯罪無良代理,每則薄酬一百港元,無須先行查証,即付;成功在保監保聯警方海關等立案調查者,每宗個案二千元。保密,決不食言 P.   

“dog face”的图片搜索结果“dog face”的图片搜索结果


Download below pdf and Report Crime

9.25.0 眾及保險業內人士投訴檢舉高盧人安盛惡行,無日無之!P.  

鼓勵公眾檢舉高盧人安盛違規違法或詐騙犯罪無良代理,每則薄酬一百港元,無須先行查証,即付;成功在保監保聯警方海關等立案調查者,每宗個案二千元。保密,決不食言 P.   


 10.10.5 高盧人安盛輸打贏要       

image.png  image.png   6.2.0 Mar 13, 2019 香港李重德致 : 澳門特別行政區尹國駒先生公開信 P.  



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輸打贏要 賤格高盧人安盛本色本性

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