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  5.6.1 Jul 18, 2019致函香港保監鄭慕智張雲正 引述前証監總裁 現任英國FCA總裁韋奕禮發通告警告投資者 須嚴防高盧人安盛之Jeneration-Swiss Privilege欺詐訛騙





from: St Lee 

to:, complaints, IARB Secretariat


date: Jul 16, 2019, 1:27 AM

subject: For the kindest attention of 保監關國玲女士、保聯 HKFI 鄭芷女士

致香港保監局 Insurance Authority   Jul 18, 2019   


  5.6.Jul 18, 2019致函香港保監鄭慕智張雲正 引述前証監總裁 現任英國FCA總裁韋奕禮發通告警投資者 高盧人安盛之Jeneration-Swiss Privilege欺詐訛騙    



 image.png 6.2.0 Mar 13, 2019 香港李重德致 : 澳門特別行政區尹國駒先生公開信    

 image.jpeg image.png   6.2.1 漸霜風淒緊 驚處處膻腥霜風勁 謊問天下英雄誰與敵手?!     

Image result for murder  10.22 聲嘶破金 沒有公眾的注目監視,隨時夜裡有人送我回來,前面的持火把,後面的吹笛   

  10.24 全能全知上帝可為証 永不自殺聲明書 (憂則憂鸞孤鳳單,愁則愁經濟花殘月缺。吾人無此憂此愁,健康上佳,妻賢而金釧未鬆、香肌未減故若無端失命,則必然是“被”自殺滅口。)     


from:      St Lee 

to:   IARB Secretariat, complaints 

date:       Jul 11, 2019, 4:38 AM 

subject:  Re: 此信目的是: (一)懇請兩位........(二)也懇請保監查察高盧人安盛本 

For the Kindest Attention of Ms Konnie Kwan of IA and Ms 鄭芷女士of HKFI 

Dear Madam, 

You may wish to note that in my below article 5.6.1 in my forthcoming filing submission in the High Court after July 18, 2019, I have mentioned and decided to include your Mr. Clement Cheung as the 4th Defendant, for by his silence to my requests, several in the past and the latest being Jul 03, 2019, I can safely presume that he had consented to my accusation of an ugly "co-operation" with Defendant 1, 2 & 3 in their instigating their clients Ng Chi Ching and 林華強, making something of nothing, into framing me up guilty of making misleading verbal or written statements while promoting and selling Defendant 2's “Signature Series Pseudo Investment Linked Products”, or the like, during my AXA days 10 years ago in early 2009, and pressuring the then OCI in which Mr. Clement Cheung was the Commissioner, in a contemptible but detour manner, in confidence of power and riches from the 4 Defendants, to artificially and forcefully make me surrender my insurance license for 10 years, which deeds have appeared to me both guilty of a crime and guilty of a serious wrong doing indiscretion, and resolved to meet 4 Defendants in Court for a judiciary judgment as well as in the same time an open inquest in the full light of the day to be judged by the public opinion, to claim loss and damages for my lost 10 years.    

Thanking for your Kindest attention, and my humble and kindest regards as usual. 

Frank Lee 

from: St Lee

to: IARB Secretariat


date: Jul 10, 2019, 3:49 PM

subject: 此信目的是: (一)懇請兩位........(二)也懇請保監查察高盧人安盛本.............. 

For the Kindest Attention of Ms Konnie Kwan of IA and Ms 鄭芷女士of HKFI 轉呈保監主席鄭慕智博士、總裁張雲正太平紳士  

This is a recorded message  

Dear Madam, 

Just like the fine practice of FCA, the Public and I would automatically take the liberty to refer this letter to the MA, and again for the comments of the Office of the Ombudsman, if we do not hear from you within 180 days, in light of the usual working efficiency here in your office, from date of this email. 

Meanwhile, the Public and I will update, renew or add to your office openly whenever refreshingly new materials on this particular affair should come to our attention from time to time.

Thanking for you attention, and Our Kindest Regards, 


Frank Lee & the Public 


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