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from: St Lee

to: complaints,IARB Secretariat

date: Aug 8, 2019, 4:28 PM

subject: Complaint against 1. Mr. T.K. Chan陳德麒 of AXA China Region Insurance 2. Ms Wong Kwai Ying王桂英 of AXA China Region Insurance 3. Ms Joan Chan Sze Chi陳思遲 of AXA China Region Insurance 4. AXA China Region

For the Kind attention of Ms Konnie Kwan of IA and 鄭芷女士 of HKI              via Email and Post

Dear Madam, 

I am submitting therewith a complaint form against AXA China Region and its 3 insurance agents. 

I shall have the relevant forms properly signed and then mail to you tomorrow. 

Thanking for your attention, and my Kindest regards, 


Frank Lee




留言: Amy   2019-08-09 17:28:07 回覆


留言: Rhonda   2019-08-09 17:27:14 回覆


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