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  長篇連載法庭案件HCA 77/2020 第一百零四回:投函香港保監及新加坡Monetary Authority 要求正視公眾及保險業內人士投訴黑手黨式經營保險詐騙惡行 証據確鑿如山



投函公眾諮詢】保監局建議每名代理可最多代表5家保險公司(17:09) - 20181031 - 即時財經新聞- 明報財經網香港保監及新加坡金融管理局- 维基百科,自由的百科全书新加坡 Monetary Authority 要求正視公眾及保險業內人士投訴檢舉安盛黑社會黑手黨式經營保險詐騙惡行,証據確鑿如山 不容監管機構坐視不理........公眾積極踴躍跟進及關注.......

新港合作 摘伏除奸 懲治安盛 光復保險 再開霽色


 保險垃圾必須「清零」  刻不容緩

尊敬的香港保監, General Insurance Association of Singapore, Singapore Monetary Authority,  

Dear Sir/Madam,

Below concrete evidences and our previous letter of May 29 to the HK Insurance Authority refer.

AXA is undoubtedly a gigantic wrecking ball to the Hong Kong and Singapore Insurance Industry. If you organizations are not going to crack the whip loud and clear and as soon as possible, the Industry in your areas will soon be dying, the Public are sure.  

Meanwhile, sitting at the edge of the chair, we are awaiting to receive an acknowledgement.


Our Kindest Regards, Publics in Hong Kong and Singapore and the South East Asia


date: Jun 10, 2021 to:, complaints, Public Complaint, IARB Secretariat

subject:  典型邪惡保險公司高盧人安盛





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 鼓勵公眾檢舉高盧人安盛違規違法或詐騙犯罪無良代理,每則薄酬一百港元,無須先行查証,即付;成功在保監保聯警方海關等立案調查者,每宗個案二千元。保密,決不食言 P.   




  保險垃圾必須「清零」  刻不容緩