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  財富博士: 學金融術語一點都不難...
  Explanation of Earthquakes for the Layman

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Explanation of Earthquakes for the Layman 地震的科學解釋
This is an excellent way to teach engineering principles & Tech-lingos of the Financial field.
Recently, Christchurch had a terrible earthquake with lots of after shocks. Some were thought to be oscillatory, while others were believed to be trepidatory.. It occurred to me that most people might be confused about this, so I thought it wise to let everyone know the difference. 最近,紐西蘭地震,死傷無數。此地震有人認為是Oscillatory式地震,有人認為是Trepidatory式地震,此兩種地震分別為何?
What's the difference between an oscillatory and a trepidatory earthquake?

1. This calculation is just for engineers(猶如金融投資術語之難明):
2. And this one is for laymen用比喻就易明了:
This is a trepidatory earthquake -- an up and down movement(以 RSI - Relative Strength Index -- 相對強弱指數為主的低買高賣炒作法).....
This is an oscillatory earthquake -- a side to side movement(以Elliot Wave Principle波浪理論為主炒作法)...

And this is a combination of both trepidatory and oscillatory(相對強弱指數 RSI 及 Elliot Wave principle波浪理論的混合投資炒作用法):

Isn't science beautiful when properly explained?



留言: Melody   2011-08-30 05:05:44 回覆

It's really properly explained....

留言: Melody   2011-08-30 05:04:09 回覆


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