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True Foods Market, 全有機健康食品

At True Foods Market, our Organic Foods are certified organic and will be listed as organic in the name of the product

Prince Palace Hotel, Bangkok

Special Promotion, Now till 31 October 2009

Stay 3 nights get free one way transfer from airport to hotel for 2 persons


Vote the Best 3 and the worst 3 and win total worth of HK$16,888 Prizes 競猜選出您最喜愛的前三名及最不喜愛的三名,有機會獲取價值高達HK$16,888的獎品

四季酒店 君悅酒店 海逸酒店 香格里拉大酒店
黃金海岸酒店 萬怡酒店 置地文華東方酒店 海景嘉福酒店
洲際酒店 馬可孛羅香港酒店 帝京酒店 The Mira
The Best 3 | 最佳3個
The Worst 3 | 最差3個
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Voting Progress of The most favorites
1 四季酒店 23.2 %
2 君悅酒店 12 %
3 帝京酒店 9.8 %
4 香格里拉大酒店 8.5 %
Voting Progress of the most unfavorites
1 四季酒店 21.5 %
2 置地文華東方酒店 9.3 %
3 洲際酒店 9.1 %
4 萬怡酒店 8.1 %

Each and every two months altogether total worth of HK$16,888, including Welcome Supermarket Cash Coupons, RAS Gold Coins and/or many other valuable prizes. 3 Grand Prizes plus 10 Consolation Prizes bi-monthly given to members who have correctly voted the most favorable 3 and the worst 3. If more than 4 winners, it will be decided on a separate round of lucky draw with the excess winners to receive the Consolation Prizes. For official announcement of winners, pls see immediate Thursday SCMP issues after the end of every 2nd months or announcement in the Website. 每兩月為一期由理財堡送出總值HK$16,888(包括惠康超市現金禮劵,RAS金幣及/或名貴獎品)給順序猜中最受歡迎的三個品牌,另加10個安慰獎,如超出獎項限額,則再由電腦抽簽,(Allocation of Prizes; 3 Grand Prizes take total 60%; 10 Consolation Prizes share 40%獎金分配:三個大獎共佔60%; 10個安慰獎共佔40%)得獎公佈可参看每兩月後第一個星期四的南華早報或本網站

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Grand Prize 大獎

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2nd runner up Prize三獎

Consolation Prizes

True Foods Market, 全有機健康食品

At True Foods Market, Our Organic Foods are certified organic and will be listed as organic in the name of the product

Errázuriz, founded in 1870

Viña Errázuriz has been producing the highest quality Chilean wines for more than 128 years

Bouchon, since 1892

At J. Bouchon, above all else, we believe in tradition and quality

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