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Jap Yen is 116 range. Will it continue to go strong?

留言: cassie   2016-02-06 07:47:52 回覆

Euro is my choice in the 1st quarter!

留言: cassie   2016-02-06 07:43:56 回覆

Agreed. Cash is King. Wait and See what happens and then decide what to do next!

留言: Bobby   2016-01-09 13:50:53 回覆


留言: Alan   2016-01-07 05:41:30 回覆

I am not optimistic about 2016. For me, cash is king!

留言: Doris   2016-01-03 08:32:25 回覆

I really have no clue as to the trend of oil prices! Can somebody enlighten me with reasons? Thank you...

留言: cassie   2016-01-02 11:44:48 回覆


留言: Benny   2015-12-28 05:27:36 回覆

It appears to me that 2016 must be a harvest year for everybody, including you and me, of course.

留言: CiCi   2015-12-24 11:28:07 回覆

I burnt my finger badly in 2015. The crude oil price is never-endingly going down.

留言: Clara   2015-12-24 10:52:16 回覆

Merry Christmas!

留言: cassie   2015-12-24 05:40:18 回覆

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