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  財富博士: 財富博士的全主動權買賣交易戰略



 Nothing, particularly in investment, is guaranteed..


 Dear members

你會察覺以上標題,我是以問號結尾,此即表示我不同意此一世俗見解 (此世俗見解是: "投資是一個機會參半的估升跌賭博遊戲")。
我此信目的,就是想讓你知道,在外匯、黃金、股票或其CFDs、期權等博弈炒賣中,以我的 "全主動權交易法則",可預知下一個價位是升還是跌,命中率 85% 以上。故此,在我的全主動權買賣交易戰略的特點 (B)及(C)中,我有無比自信能以好價或好牌開局及平倉 ----- 俗語常說一個好的開始,已是成功一半,而此另一半的工序,便是以其餘(A),(D),(E)三項特點克而服之。
既然麻省理工學院的Black Jack Counting Theory廿一點心算記牌理論可以成功將賭場擊至片碎,而若你也認同投資市場就是一個環球大賭場,那麼為何我們不能夠以另一創新理論擊敗此環球大賭場呢(且正確來說,在這類似零和的博弈遊戲中,大多數時間我們的對手是那些誤以為是在賭博的業餘投資者呢)?

In the secular point of view, investment is by and large a game of betting whether the price of a selected investment tool is going to go up or down. In the title of this message, I used "question marks" to express that I strongly dispute that investment is gambling, if we know what's going to happen in the next flick of eyelash.

My "The All Initiative Strategy: is designed to do proprietary trading of Forex, Options, Stock Shares CFDs, etc. In its special features as emphasized below in Points (B) & (C), I clearly and in no uncertain terms point out that by using the Formula & theory, one can be sure to have good starts and closings. As to the process in between, they are to be overcome by the remaining features of (A), (D) & (E).

As we all know, the most dangerous moments of an air journey are the "taking off" and "landing" moments but by using my "The All Initiative Trading Strategy" formula and theory the probabilities of dangers are greatly reduced, if not to a zero.

The Black Jack Counting Theory by MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has concretely proven that it always beats the Casinos, and if we are treating the Investment world as a Casino there is no reason to believe why we cannot one way or another find a refreshingly new way to beat this Casino --- we have to always firmly believe that "if one man can do, the other man can".

Now, let's see if you would allow me a personal verbal explanation and demonstration at your office soon.


Dr. Wealth 

Note 1: High Frequency Trading Strategy Mechanism

備註一: 高頻交易理論及結構


Note 2: The Principles of the Black Jack Counting Theory that always beats the Casinos.

備註二: 廿一點心算記牌理論結構及如何能長期保證能夠擊敗賭場


備註三: 你可在以下網站親自實際試驗證明廿一點心算記牌理論能擊敗賭場

Note 3: Actual Experiments & trials proving the viabilities of the Black Jack Counting Theory by yourself in below website:  




Note 4:  Mathematically proving how the Black Jack Counting Theory really works, and always works, in beating the Casino.

備註四: 廿一點心算記牌理論能長期擊敗賭場的數學理論及根據


Note 5: Applying Dr. Wealth's Modified MIT Black Jack Counting Theory in trading Stock Shares (CFDs) specially.

備註五: 以Dr. Wealth改良的MIT 廿一點心算記牌理論應用於選擇及買賣股票決策



Note 6: Applying The Nobel Prize Winning Black-Scholes Workings in trading Stock Shares, including the relevant CFDs, and Warrants and Options and Futures.

備註六: 以諾貝爾獎Black & Scholes的方程式,應用於期權、窩輪、外匯、股票CFDsETFs等買賣交易決策



This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. If you have received this e-mail by mistake, please notify the sender immediately by e-mail and delete this e-mail from your system. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secured or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses. The sender therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise as a result of e-mail transmission. If verification is required please request a hard-copy version. This message is provided for informational purposes and should not be construed as a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments.





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