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  In the Queen we Trust





Invest safe through a  regulated member, for in the Queen, we always trust... 

Dear hkonline viewers, 
投資必須安全可靠及有強而有力的監管,City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd (CCC)FSA英國金融服務管理局成員。FSA英國金融服務管理局與Bank of England英倫銀行同屬英國財政部,共同管轄英國整個財經界,地位超然及權威。
  • Fact About City Credit Capital in Video有關以英國倫敦為總部的CCC機構資料事實及服務範圍最近錄影片段:


  • CCCFSA英國金融服務管理局FSA會員編號:232015    CCC英文全名為:City Credit Capital (UK) Limited






  • 你的投資50,000英鎊以下(約700,000港幣)全數受FSA英國金融服務管理局100%保障  Your Investment is fully Protected under the FSA Financial Services Compensation Scheme:    
  • FSA FSCS保障計劃詳細資料網頁 FSA Website link:


  • 馬上下載CCC高職業水準交易示範平台,並獲取預先批核禮物
  • Now, download the demo trading platform and get the pre-approved Prizes     


FSA (Financial Services Authority) and BOE (Bank of England) jointly monitor and regulate the entire financial and investment system of the UK. A member of the FSA means that the money your investment money shall be 100% protected, guranteed and most importantly constantly regulated. City Credit Capital is an official member of the FSA (member no. 232015).


To ensure that your investment is done through an investment organization properly registered and regulated by the FSA, you may go to the below link and enter the member number which is always in 6 digits like CCC's 232015.


Invest safe, and Bon Voyage to an investment life....


 Michelle Yu于詠梅, Secretary for Dr. Wealth                  








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